7 Good Foods for Asthma Prevention

7 Good Foods for Asthma Prevention

7 Good Foods for Asthma Prevention – Coping with asthma should not always use drugs but it could also helped by natural foods. Although research has not proven that there are certain foods that can cure asthma, but it is good to maintain nutritional intake every person to be free from the risk of asthma.

Good Foods for Asthma
Good Foods for Asthma Prevention

Studies suggest that the best foods for people with asthma are vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber. Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants that are good for keeping the immune system. Here are 7 Good Foods for Asthma Prevention :


Cabbage is very useful to block free radicals are responsible for the contraction of smooth muscle in the respiratory tract. Cabbage is also a source of phytochemicals beta-arotene which is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent and reduce the symptoms of asthma.


Based on a study involving more than 68 thousand women, found that a high intake found in spinach directly related to reduce the risk of asthma. This is due to the content of vitamin C, beta- carotene, vitamin E, and magnesium contained therein.


Avocados also becomes one of the good foods for asthma prevention because it contains high concentrations of L–glutathione which functions as an anti-asthma that can protect cells against the radical damage as well as detoxifying the body from pollutants and other harmful substances.

L – glutathione is also well-known t help systemic quells inflammation and repair the damaged intestinal health. That process actually can help someone avoid an asthma attack.


Based on studies conducted in 2011 by a team of researchers at Imperial College London, that eating a banana every day can keep away from asthma and keep their body to be healthy. The researchers found that children who eat a banana a day turns out to have a reduced risk of asthma symptoms by 34 percent.


Turmeric contains an active ingredient of anti-inflammatory that can overcome the inflammation which responsible for the swelling of the lungs and respiratory tract construction when an asthma attack. Turmeric can help dilate blood vessels and relax muscle tension.


Ginger has the useful that more than antihistamine drugs in cleaning air duct and stopping the inflammation. This is due to its antioxidant properties which capable of being relief the symptoms of asthma without causes harmful side effects.


Quersetin content of the apple is able to provide strong protection against asthma. Studies in Europe stating that pregnant women who ate 4 apples per week can reduce the risk of having a child with asthma to 53 percent. Even children who drank apple juice had a 50 percent lower risk for developing asthma.

Those good foods for asthma prevention are really useful for you even when you do not have a symptom of asthma. Eat one of those foods each day and get the benefits.

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