Hospitals and Area Health

Hospitals and Area Health

Connecting Hospitals and Area Health departments to a Care Communication Network(s) and to Community and Residential Care Services, through Qx21 Health''s Universal Communication Platform using our business process based solutions and innovative tools will improve Patient, Client and Resident care and also save millions of dollars year on year.

Qx21 Health''s Universal Communication Platform is interoperable with and works synergistically with any other system; including Public and Private Hospital, and Area Health internal and external facing systems eg Cerner, Millennium and others as well as GP''s medical software and other Community and Residential Care systems.

Key Benefits

The benefits of using the system are numerous at every level from individual users, to departments, to Hospitals of all sizes and types, to Area Health and to State Health, anywhere.

Key benefits include:

» A shift in care from Hospital Healthcare to Community Healthcare

  • Increasing the capacity of Health services
  • Enabling more Patients to be cared for, first, in the Community
  • Directing appropriate levels of care to ensure high need facilities and resources are not overwhelmed by low need Patients

» Reduced Admissions to Hospitals

  • Reducing the number of Patients who go to hospital as they will be recognised earlier, and responded to so they can be cared for in the Community; obviating the need to go to hospital, unless absolutely necessary.

» Better Admission and Patient Care in Hospitals

  • By providing current information about Patients'' histories and medical conditions, in the correct format, prior to and upon admission; hospital staff can provide even better care.

» Reduced Hospital Access Block

  • Reducing Patients'' length of stay in hospital through better coordinated and more efficient discharge as Community Services can be set up/reinstated more easily in advance.

» Free up beds and resources and help to reduce waiting lists.

» An increase in information availability at the point of care

  • Increasing efficiency of care through less repetition of tests/ investigation of illnesses
  • Increasing the ability of services to apply appropriate care solutions with full information

» An increase in efficiency through sharing organisation information

  • More efficient scheduling of services
  • Increase in collaborative planning and care/case coordination

» A mechanism to support Carers in the community

  • Increasing the ability of Carers to become/increase being productive members of society

For example, in Discharge Planning...

» Using Qx21 Health''s solutions will be up to 30 times less expensive.
Savings to the Healthcare system are very significant.

  • Each Patient released 1 day earlier saves hundreds of dollars
  • Savings for a small to medium hospital in Australia : $1 million/year
  • Savings for Government Health Departments in Australia
  • More than $100 million/year

Qx21 Health provides the platform, the processes, superior tools and practical ways to facilitate communication and knowledge transfer to improve the continuous care of Patients, Clients, and Residents throughout their Journey of Care, in any model of care.

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